Monday, July 13, 2015

Stacking stones to make a statement

Should we stop stacking stones?

Robyn Martin has written for an end to the practice of building rock cairns in the back county.  She has some valid points, and the article has generated some healthy debate.  I think stacking stones could be a way for those who love the outdoors to communicate, to make statements about caring for the earth.  Make small cairns. Little stacks.  Stacks of love:

Stack stones in improvised ATV trails. Stack them in switchback shortcuts. Stack them by drill pads, by trash piles, by shot-up signs, on pipeline scars. Stack them to make something beautiful where people have left destruction and waste. Stack them with care. They needn't be intrusive or outrageous. Small stacks. Stacks of beauty. Stacks of love.

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